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Personal Installment Loans



The United States has been in a state of economic uncertainty for nearly a decade and although things are looking up, there is still a lack of confidence in the dollar and a general lack of funds in the savings account of many Americans.


Recent surveys have found out that 63% of Americans could not handle a surprise bill of $500 dollars without selling something or borrowing money. The latter is where personal installment loans come into play. Odds are the reader of this article falls into the 63% of Americans that would not be able to afford a surprise bill of $500. Life happens, however, and surprise bills are not all that uncommon.


Cars break down, injuries happen, things break, things are lost, things are stolen, and sometimes bad decisions are made. Whatever the cause of the surprise bill, there is a way to handle it without having to drown yourself in debt or sell everything you own.


Personal Installment Loans are the best option out there to handle these types of crisis events. These loans work as a lump sum of cash borrowed by an individual from the bank; exactly how it sounds. This money is then paid back, with interest at a set payment per month over a set period of time.


For example, say your car has happened to break down on your way to work and you looked to your savings account to help you out and realized that it was bone dry. The cost of fixing the car is $1000 dollars and you don’t have any way of coming up with that kind of money in the near future.


You can go down to your local bank provider and talk to them about receiving a personal installment loan of that $1000. The bank would give you that money under the agreement that you would pay them back with interest of 25% over a 24 month period.


This would work out to about $54 a month for the next 24 months. That is much more manageable than $1000 and now you don’t have to stress about not having a car, or even worse, having to sell yourself out of house and home to come up with the $1000.


The best part about these nifty loans is that they are completely customizable. If you want to pay off the amount in a shorter period of time, you can have that arranged so that you pay a higher monthly amount for a period of 6 months or 3 months. Conversely, if you don’t have a lot of clearance each month on your paychecks, you can request that the payment is stretched out even further so that your monthly payment is a very low and affordable rate.


The bank will always be willing to work with you to finance these loans as best meets your needs because this is how the bank makes their money. It is a classic example of a symbiotic mutual relationship. The bank makes money on interest over a long period of time and uses that interest to invest in the economy to strengthen it and provide for a better and more economically strong nation, while you, the consumer are provided with a much-needed lump sum of money to pay whatever you need to pay at the given moment.


Banks are not something to be feared as some people will have you believe. They are not evil organizations and are actually out for your best interest. They want you to succeed in your endeavors, not fail. If you were to fail in your payments, it would hurt them just as much as it would hurt you. They want you to do well and make your payments and are willing to negotiate a contract that will work best for you so that others can utilize the bank’s resources for their own needs when life happens to them.


In conclusion, life has its expenses that will occur from time to time, and most of us are not financially blessed enough to have extra money set aside for when such expensive events occur. For the average American, the wonderful option is always available to take out a personal installment loan and help rebuild the American economy, and your car’s engine, one payment at a time.