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car loans In Texas, Nevada And New York


Texas car loans are short term unsecured loans offered to one with an unexpected financial crisis or complication. Payday lenders are specialized in servicing urgent cash to those who badly need it. car loans has become common in many US states hence some laws and acts have been passed and implemented to prevent exploitation.

Each state has been given the power to make its own laws as far as car loans are concerned.



Texas car loans have certain jurisdiction that is set to prevent unreasonable and excessive interest rates. The lenders are restricted to charging an APR of 48% and nothing more than that. With this usury law in place, exploitation from the lenders of Texas car loans has been prevented.

Another law or regulation put in place is that one is expected to pay back the loan within a certain period of time. Texas car loans periods range from 7 to 31 days after the initial term is due. Clients in Texas can only receive a sum of loan ranging from $ 100 to $350. They also have to pay a monthly fee of $ 10.

In Texas, it is a mandatory procedure that an agreement of the loan should be submitted to the lending company. The agreement is to be in written form and should include details like; the lender’s name, the loan sum that is lent to the client, and the total sum of fees to be paid. It is also important for the agreement to include the date.

The Texas Installment Loan lenders must operate under Credit Service Organization. The CSO guides the payday lending company and also ensures that they comply and follow the laws put in place.




Nevada has lenient policies and laws governing car loans as opposed to Texas.

In Nevada, the APR rate should not be 10% higher than the prime rate set in the largest bank of the state. This lenders can set their interest rates to be in line with that on the state’s bank or slightly higher. This means that the APR rate for car loans in Nevada is flexible.

As seen earlier Texas car loans have a payback period. In Nevada car loans should not be extended for a period longer than 60 days, when the initial term of payment is due. It also has a cap of 25%.

Generally both states Texas and Nevada car loans are issued out depending on the person’s income and the employment records. If you are a low income earner you will receive a low amount of Installment Loan that will give the lenders a guarantee that you will be able to pay the loan when the payment date is due.






This is one of the states that have strongly prohibited car loans. One of the reasons why car loans are illegal in NewYork is because the governor of the state passed a law to prohibit it. The law allows you to file a complaint with the states’ department of financial services if any collection agency of car loans has approached you.

Another reason for its prohibition is because the state’s government feels it is exploitative hence it tries to protect borrowers against unfair and usurious lenders that can set a 3 digit annual interest rate for a payback loan.

Payback loans are not allowed in New York because the lending companies do not have the proper legal documents that allow them to offer their lending services. Lending firms that have license in New York are the only ones allowed to operate.

There are also laws that are governing the interest loans in New York City. No lending firm is allowed to charge an interest rate exceeding 25%. If any lending firm does not comply with this usury law they will be criminally charged and prosecuted in courts of law. Civil action can also be taken against lending firms that charge 16% more than the loan offered. This has made Installment Loan practices difficult in New York.

The state however has offered legal alternatives for lending. For example the usury laws concerning the interest rates are not as exploitative as the 3 digit interest set by Installment Loan lenders. It has also allowed other lending firms that have license to operate apart from the bank to operate hence providing diverse lending services to the public.